Used Rigs

Hunke Manufacturing LLC has created this web based used rig list to aid our customers who wish to sell their used pump hoist(s). Hunke Manufacturing LLC has final determination of the product(s) to be listed on the “Used Rig” page. Please do not contact Hunke Manufacturing LLC about any of these used rigs that are posted on this page. If you would like to post a used rig on this page, please email us at

  • Product: Smeal 5T
    Company: Steffl Drilling & Pump
    Company Phone: 320-235-8484

    Steffl Drilling & Pump
    Description: 2012 Smeal 5T with sandline, corded remote, two pipe racks (driver side is powered), tailgate, cathead, power to rear and a rope sheave on the crown. 2012 Dodge 5500 diesel, automatic with a 9' fiberglass utility body with a 2' deck between the cab and body. Willmar, MN

  • Product: Smeal 5T
    Company: Quinnell Septic and Well Service
    Company Phone: 608-547-3267

    Quinnell Septic and Well Service
    Description: The 5T has two pipe racks, corded remote, cathead and a deck mounted walking beam. The rig is mounted on a 96' IH 4700. It has a 12' deck with tool boxes both above and below the deck with a 300 gallon stainless steel water tank. Motivated Seller! Friendship, WI

  • Product: Pulstar P20000 HD
    Company: Thein Well
    Company Phone: 612-730-4953

    Thein Well
    Description: 2004 P20000 HD mounted on a 2005 Ford F650 with a cumins diesel. 14' deck with under deck toolboxes, breakout wrench, sandline and remote. 36' tower Spicer, MN

  • Product: Smeal 6T
    Company: Ransom Pump
    Company Phone: 760-789-5955

    Ransom Pump
    Description: 2004 6T with corded remote, two pipe racks and tailgate. Mounted on a Ford F450 diesel 4x2 with 130,000 miles. Ramona, CA

  • Product: Smeal 6T
    Company: Tom Mosier Well Driller
    Company Phone: 269-580-3246

    Tom Mosier Well Driller
    Description: Options include sandline with cable, one pipe rack, cathead, oil cooler and power to rear. 9' utility body with thru compartments mounted on a 2016 Ford F550 diesel 4x4. Clean well kept rig. Cassopolis, MI

  • Product: Smeal 5T
    Company: RAS Inc.
    Company Phone: 303-526-4432

    RAS Inc.
    Description: Smeal 5T with Wireline draw works. 2000' of 1/4" stainless steel cable. Unit is set up for geophysical and logging testing. Golden, CO